Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pay it forward: A handcrafted gift

Many of you know that I'm totally addicted to needlecrafts and candle and soap-making. So I am participating in a beautiful Pay It Forward project that I learned about on one of my favourite blogs, it's all yoga, baby:

What I will do:

  • I will make a handmade gift for the first three people who comment on this post
  • It doesn't matter how near or far you are -- I'll mail it anywhere!
  • I technically have 365 days to do this
  • What it will be and when it will arrive will be a total surprise

The catch for gift-receivers:

  • You must have a blog to participate
  • Before or after you comment here, you must do a write up of the pay it forward on your space and keep the “Good Karma” flowin’

1 comment:

Hannah Roberts Brockow said...

The winners, who commented on the post on my Facebook page, were Kathleen, Kathy and Mike. Two out of three have their gifts and the third is currently being made!